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Hi there, 

this is an update, 20 April 2022, Today I am here to guide you to become your own autonomous being that does not depend on any one, any technique, practice routine medical world or other professionals etc.. this will teach you how to not be sick ever again and how to not be bothered by all those things that the world is warning us for.. transcend all of that, we are moving into higher dimensional space with earth and so things are about to change...when we realign with higher dimensions and the parts of us that reside there we will not have any ascension symptoms any longer, these are merely part of our journey into source consciousness, pains and aches and uncomfortableness will go as soon as you are aligned with your source chord and you have cut out your snakes, you innerstand what numbers really are, they are living beings and have no meaning or value, they do certain things as they are Creators one could say, they have a function, none of this would exist without the numbers +0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

Look on and for more information on this, I am here to guide anyone that is ready to step into their multi dimensionality which is quite a journey in itself

THIS IS OLD WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW, I will leave it for now as it is interesting to see what still remains and what will no longer serve, we are on our way up and so things fall away and new things emerge...

My name is Michael van Dommelen a.k.a. Michael WhiteFeather,  I help people to find their happiness & change their life through “practicing being in a state of awareness” or remembering or who we truly are

• Self-Mastery Guide. Self- Realization. Self-Inquiry.
• Activator. Facilitator. System Buster. 
• Scalar Energy Recalibration | Sound Light Technology Alchemy
• Music & Video HeArtist – dj & producer – Soul Language written and sung

15 years of investigating how consciousness is being expressed through our bodies and through events in our life, researching practicing energy healing | vibrational medicine & being present and many many reviews I have received, I came to know that we are powerful creators and must take responsibility for our (daily) reality. 

One of the functions of my soul is to Restore, Re-Balance the Divine Feminine Essence … Activate others in either Repairing or Transmuting the old, Activating Languages or Decoding Capacities through Celestial Symphonies written / drawn and sung through the Language of Light(the heart), toning, chanting, (sound vibration frequencies) 

I assist people to find their true happiness & change their life through “practicing being in a state of awareness” – Self Discovery – Self Inquiry | Energy Healing Transmissions (shamanic) | Cosmic Celestial Symphonies | Breathing techniques  

There is a simple way to heal and transform, to attract that which we seek but can’t seem to reach. We have all the tools inside of us, we only need to allow the possibility that there are things we don’t know yet or have experienced yet, allow for unexpected things to occur, curious to experience. That is how we have todays beautiful inventions that serve us daily, only the open “mind (the heart!!)” can grow. 

The first step though is to accept responsibility, meaning we innerstand that our thoughts and beliefs have an effect on the people around us and the environment. That Consciousness changes matter !, Our cells are listening, When we talk to water or plants we see a response !

All treatments are focused on helping people to re-balance their mind, body and transform their life by using the correct language that heals and attracts the life we are dreaming of, by understanding that our thoughts (beliefs & habits, conditioning) create our reality. 

I am activating a collective field for healing / balancing to take place, through sound light conscious intent, Self-Inquiry & configuring energy, directing it. People get access to parts of themselves that they never got access to before.

Sessions consist of deep listening and talking, healing through sound light color resonance, energetic cleaning & balancing of the energy centers of the body and the auric field. I use my hands (magnetics), voice, thoughts, emotions, sacred sounds, celestial symphonies, light language (vocal and written / drawn).

Any vehicle that will come for 1 on 1 physical sessions and commit to an open exchange will experience instantaneously the effects of these activations because of the Sound Light Technology Alchemy, it works right away. Online works as well just takes some more sessions, its gradual. 

One gets activated within through codes that are being transmitted, I bring out sound frequencies, celestial symphonies to harmonize & activate, and come in with a deep resonance to transmute & re-orientate the energy into pristine clarity & purity for ALL … animals humans earth. 

Through meetings, whether physical one on one or (long) distance, people are activating their own knowingness through experience and clearing all that is untrue … and i.e. languages that they don’t know at all. One will be activated within either for; Repairing damage, transmuting the old – re-patterning, activating (light)languages and –or decoding capacities, re-orientating energy. 

I stream all my higher self aspects  Native Indian, Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian, Andromeda,  Whales, Dolpins, My Guides, Emerald Guardians of Earth, Guardians of the 22 Galaxies of the Multi Galactic Diamond, 
People like YouMe, WI, etc…

We love to empower you for it is raising the vibration collectively, this leads to unity consciousness  
Don’t trust any system that separates you from your divinity .. your source .. your true essence ..


My Mission is Connecting (with) people 

To connect people to their true SELF, the people around them and to source energy, to teach people how we can heal our own body and transform our life by talking to our self and our cells, by choosing the correct thoughts & language, feelings & emotions, , learning how to breath, learning how our voice can be used to adjust the frequency of our body to the right vibration so we can heal and prevent disease illnesses stress, etc.... 

I use my "mother - father creator-given" talents, my deep calming voice, emotional intelligence, my personal experience & knowledge that I picked up along the way from many great teachers that crossed my path. Although my academic study was Marketing Management (M.B.A.), I knew from a young age that my soul purpose in life is service to others, the collective, to help & treat people and to teach them how to balance themselves so that they can do it without me..and then pay it forward...

With these talents and love I help people change their life through “practicing being in a state of awareness” and through holistic healing techniques. I specialize in re-designing personal & professional life & relationships. By looking and listening to people's beliefs and habits, the way they walk talk speak think, move and behave, I know what to focus on.

In my treatments, I use my voice (sound & words), my thoughts & emotions, my hands and a special kind of music called binaural beats with solfeggio frequencies. My meditations & treatments are based on the latest science like EPI-GENETICS by Bruce Lipton PhD, Quantum Physics, Quantum Healing, the Law of Attraction, The Biology of Belief, Physics of Consciousness, and many more....

Balancing & Activations through
• Conscious Talk. (Our expectations limit the results, how good the might seem to be) Instructions from a high conscious being = Self-Healing & Maintenance
• Activations / Transmissions – sound light thought intent. Deep Resonance
• Toning. 
• Magnetism. 
• Kinesiology

Products & Services
• Soul Language Activations & Transmissions LIVE, one on one | groups | events
• Light Encoded Activations & Transmissions Art (music sound vocals visuals ) as Jpeg, Video or Audio Customized for You or your event (theme)
• Personalized Meditations / Activations with the language that creates, coherence between what we are and what we believe to be
• Shamanic Energy Healing sessions for acute pain aches etc. - magnetic hands, voice, eyes, intent source connection
• Light Walkers jewelry, pendant, see 



Simply Love


In July 2015 Tal, my partner and I moved to a beautiful place in Kfar Malal, Israel. This house when I saw it for the first time, told me that here we could develop ourselves into the direction that our visions were showing us the perfect place to put the first seeds of our service to the New Human and the New Earth …. A healing house so some of my channeler friends told me, yes indeed a healing house surrounded by many angel groups and ascended masters.  

Tali and I have the same kind of vision and we wrote those visions separately, years ago, before we even knew each other.

My vision has to do with my mission, my soul purpose (DHARMA), here on this planet. Some years ago I came to understand that my mission has nothing to do with materialism or making a career. In my younger years I thought that my mission was connected to helping other people but today I understand that I can only help myself and by helping myself I can be of help to others.


I thought that changing the world was the most important mission but I was wrong, only by being the light I can inspire others to walk this path. My mission is to keep raising my frequency so that the earth’s vibration will rise. We are all affecting the earth’s frequency whether we know it and belief it or not.

Our collective consciousness is creating all that we see on this planet. Earth and all sentient life react to human vibration.

From this understanding I decided that one day I would open a retreat where people can come to heal and (re)design their life and relationships according to the laws of the universe which are very simple and straight forward, God does not work in mysterious ways, it is all very very simple and easy.


Five years ago I realized that my hands have magnetic / energetic healing qualities, some call it Reiki. Some friends, holistic healers, psychics, aura readers, hand readers told me all the same things during the course of my life.  They could see me working as a healer / life guide / coach / mentor. I did not see what they saw back then and it was hard to believe how this would fit me. I never studied for it at that time, so I thought I was not capable. But over time I slowly evolved in the direction of holistic healing and treatments through intensive exploring of universal laws, consciousness, physics, sacred geometry, spirituality and metaphysics.


In May 2011 I suddenly could see what I would be doing in the years to come, I knew intuitively that I have the healing qualities inside me, everybody does ! NO exceptions here !  . . .

In September 2011 I decided to follow my heart and travelled to Israel, the reason was simply LOVE.


During my first few weeks I met some interesting people who could see my healing and guiding qualities, I decided to give some people treatments and to my and their surprise they were amazed by the results. This led me to investigate and develop my talents and knowledge. Four years later I am still here in Israel with the love of my life and together we are building a sanctuary called NILAAYA where everybody that wants to work on them selves in order to live a more balanced & abundant life is welcome.

We offer tools knowledge and guidance to live life consciously, to create and attract that what we seek consciously with the right beliefs and habits and with the correct language, which creates peace, abundance and joy for all.


Our concept is simple, at NILAAYA you can re-design your life and relationships, we offer Mind Body & Soul Treatments and they consist of  (personalized) guided meditations & affirmations, guiding, holistic healings (Reiki / The Journey / E.F.T. Tapping / C.A.L. cells are listening), Sound Healing, Mayan Body Movements, Breathing techniques, Dance & Singing Events, Dance & Body workout workshops, A boutique with unique items like meditation jewelry, consciousfashion ConFAsh and much more.


Simply LOVE has brought me here and simply LOVE is the essence in my life. Love is my compass in this life it drives me. I live my life in the love frequency and what I do I do with joy and passion.

What is love you may ask ? Love is the absence of judgement, love doesn’t ask anything in return, love is without conditions. Love doesn’t suddenly go away or end.

Connection and oneness, harmony and love is expressed via the heart center, and its power binds people together.

Love is not a relationship, it is a state of being in harmony with oneself.


Follow your heart always and you are on your way finding your life purpose ;)


With love

Michael White Feather 

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