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Personal meditation & affirmations 



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Hi I am michael

Like many people I was not happy with some of the aspects of my life, like the way I looked, my body, my weight, my income, my love life, I did not feel worthy or belonging, I did not feel accepted by my parents, I had goals but did not think I was smart enough and good enough for what I wanted to do with my life.

I found out that all these beliefs about my self came from people around me (parents, teachers, friends, family, media, government, society in general) and I started to belief them because they told me this for many years...

Inspired by great minds:

* Osho * ~Louise Hay * Gandhi * Dr. Deepack Chopra * Eckhart Tolle * Brandon Bays * Gregg Braden

* Nassim Haramein * Dr. Bruce Lipton * John Assaraf  * Michael Tellinger * New Earth Nation

* Dr Todd Ovokaitys * Abraham Hicks * Prageet Harris * Kryon  * Lao Tse * Wayne Dyer * Ac Tah

* Nelson Mandela *John Lennon * Bob Marley *John F. Kennedy * Michael Jackson * Plato * Tony Robbins * Einstein & more . . .


R .O


Dear Michael, I want to thank you for your guidance and support me, and that by reducing medical problem that I suffered right knee . The first time when you told me that there is a holistic solution for a variety of medical problems in the human body, I was very skeptical and suspicious. I could not believe that through awareness and the unconscious, you can change the feelings and emotions I remember I told you I was going to see a doctor, a specialist for knee problems and I took a decision after I heard his advice. The doctor recommended surgery to as quickly as possible and he said there was no choice. When I came out from the doctor I thought about what you said about thought and directing the subconscious to being able to operate normally without surgery, to my great surprise during the about 3 weeks I have changed things. Decreased pain, fewer thought about the limitations of the knee, I went to the gym and practiced correctly, nearly unlimited. I do not think about the problem during sleep .I guess anatomically problem has not disappeared, but has changed my behavior and for that I thank you for guidance and therapeutic approach -holistic. Certainly a person like me skeptical. :) Thank you very much,


Gil Blutrich


Dear Michael , Thank you so much for creating personalize meditation for me. It is so powerful ! It is making Such a big deferent for me. I meditate for years but I had never experience such a meditation that is tailored to fit my special needs. Your coming voice is incredible and the rhythm and the small practices was very very helpful. As a business owners that constantly on the move I find your personalized meditation simple amazing . Thank you so much


Keren Or


Michael is a unique human being. A citizen of the universe who seeks to live, and inspire others to live, in harmony with our human nature and nature itself. The qualities of Michael are noticeable as soon as you meet him. There is an undeniable vibe of an amazing energy that flaws freely from Michael and influence people around him deeply. Indeed, Michael's energy can actually be felt and noticed just from being around him... I strongly recommend the consulting and healing services that Michael provides - I guarantee they will make a blessed and positive difference in your lives.

Sincerely Helen


Having experienced meditation in prior years I had something to compare it too On several occasions that were pivotal times in life, where evident change was both necessary yet challenging your meditation practice guided me throughout the way. The gift of time and being aware of time. It was remarkable that you concentrated on these light moments and talks that i had and you were able to help me continue to channel through our energy in a way that is agile and healthy. Throughout the meditation your voice was like a gentle reminder to breathe and stay in the moment. Thank you for creating this beautiful gift.

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