These Actualisations | Activations are shattering the NOISE & stimulates consciousness coherence and protects enhances & harmonizes our autonomic nervous system, it supports relaxation, cellular detoxification, healing from electro-smog, Geopathic Stress. Balancing hemi-spheres of brain, improving mental focus, cleanses blood and much much more…


Transitional Codes 

through light encoded art (sound light vibration color intent voice) from; Pleiades | Lyra | Andromeda | Sirius B | the Emerald Guardians of Earth and the Guardians of the 22 Galaxies of the Multi Galactic Diamond ..

The Sound Alchemy, tones light language are coming from multidimensional aspects of my Being from Galactic | Universal Star Families 

Activations assists to 'activate one's dormant D.N.A., bringing in algorithms - codex -sequence of New Creation Codes - New Body Template codes of our future Self - Activating Pineal & Pituitary Glands (the whole Lymphatic system) - Activating LightBody - New Earth Relationships, Divine Sacred Conscious Unions - release any resistance energies | implants attachments | cell memory | body memory ...

Embodiment Activations |  "New Earth Harmonics for Conscious - Sacred Relations > Super consciousness | Calibration for sacred -divine unions within self and couples | to clear any resistance patterns and any self sabotaging patterns that takes us into density, into old paradigm ways of being and communicating. | Source Code Guardian Activation | Blueprint Adjustment & Upgrades | Activating Pineal Gland & Dormant DNA | Repatterining Restructuring Calibrating ones Harmonic Field and Lightbody, the Physical& Mental with New Thought Intent Sound Light Color Resonance, bringing out more of your talents gifts qualities powers magic … soon magic is the norm ...Collapsing the old, Quantum Jumping, Creation, thought is quantum so it is essential to know and control / DIRECT rather, what we think about and how it makes us feel.

Releasing all toxic relationships environments implants etc., -releasing all sorts of pains aches stress anxiety etc., -rewriting old stories that are expressed through disease discomfort misery depression etc etc, rewriting your DNA / cellular structure / everything you want to rewrite !! embodying your true essence …


Activating memory of who we are, where we came from, why we are here, talents, gifts, abilities prowess, purpose. Create new memories, just because you can! Memories are not only created from what we experienced in the past, our body does not know the difference between now past and future, so we can create new memories that technically take place in the future.. 


"Science Fiction is the Imagination of Consciousness, Creating its future" ...


Vibrational Medicine | Sound Light Color Technology Alchemy is healing | balancing | re-connective | activating | clearing | energy reorientation & transmuting on a physical and metaphysical level, combined with conscious consulting … clarity coaching .. perceptional healing ..


The vocals are coming in with a deep resonance similar to that of the Hathors, toning and light language written drawn and sung/spoken have many sources mentioned before.

******* WEAR HEADPHONES for MAX effect or loud on home speakers*********

**Be ready for profound instant manifestation when listening or after**

**MAKE SURE you are hydrated more than u would do regularly, these activations or attunements will keep working for some days, some may feel it instantly, some later and some much later, it will be felt though**

**BE AWARE don't drive or operate a chainsaw.. its hypnotising ***

***some side effects may occur after listening, little blood in urine or stool, its normal, also nosebleed can occur rarely, mostly it does not. It is a sign of rapid change taking place, flushing out all the garbage and toxins etc. One can feel sluggish for a day or 2 or sometimes more, stiffness, sleep is good, the more u sleep the better as we do most of the balancing work while we if guided so, listen to the body, !! it will affect the lymphatic system so it can be itchy under arms or other places, drink lots of water !! the blood loss is a sign of effectiveness, garbage is being flushed out immediately***


We are here for any further assistance or questions

For these activations and healings / creations to work it needs your undivided intent and attention, your intent is key in anything really. Where you reside consciously is essential. Who are you ? Who is receiving these codes, who is doing is there any doing or just receiving what is already there for you? Yes you are consciously stepping into ur true power, ur true nature, you are already all u need to be, now assist the body and totally surrender so it can catch up with you... These codes and tones are not just my sounds, they're ours, they activate exactly that which is now ready to be activated, it is for everyone, each will take / receive from it what is theirs..

Akha Eehna Heehh - Ahkwaah Kwah Ahh


Vocals Video Art Sound Design   #Michael WhiteFeather | Engine 1144  & THE GUARDIAN Founder Races



are fun, inspiring and active meditations that work on the Mind Body & Soul, they are great tools to empower people and to find balance within a hectic world of work family and social life.


These meditations are instruments to enhance individual & team efforts by focusing intention (collectively).


Scientific research shows us that a (collective) focused intention creates a coherent heart rate, which creates “miracles”.

When our thoughts as a group are the same we are generating a powerful transmitting energy.

Awareness is the key to creating reality, to achieving set goals. We are always creating something, so we better choose very consciously what we focus our thoughts & emotions on.

Meditations are used to train the brain in new ways of believing, thinking, doing, talking, dreaming, relaxing, healing, etc..  


In these meditations I will also provide information on how our thoughts and beliefs are creating reality, whether we believe it, want it understand it  & know it, or not.



To achieve clear communication & maximum results on the work-floor or our personal life we need people to feel good about themselves, their personal life, about the work they do, and the people they “have” to work with.


Coming into a Meditative State using Breath Sound and Intent are the quickest and most effective tools to quiet the mind and body at the same time and are motivating people into the direction of their goals (business & personal).  When people are balanced, the people around them will benefit from it, when people are not balanced, sad or depressed, the people around them will be affected by it on a physical & emotional level, which is NOT good for business.



FOR WHO ; Basically anyone !

For you if you are stuck and frustrated about the life you are living, the job you have, the relationship you are in, etc, etc,





Management Team Purpose

Team purpose

Individual Employees / project team

etc, etc,




ON LOCATION IN ISRAEL (center district)

1 hour meditation for groups -  € 15,- per person - minimum of 6 people per group.  

*For locations south/north there will be additional travelling expense


ZOOM meetings | Comm Apps

1 hour actualisation 1 on 1 with Michael € 111,-

learn how to meditate and breathe 1 on 1 with Michael - 1 hour - € 111,-

1 hour actualisation for groups € 15,- per person  (up to 10 people)

learn how to meditate and breath for groups- 1 hour -  € 15,- per person  (up to 10 people)


PERSONALISED actualisation & activations | videos & audois

Made by Light Language Affirmation specialist in English & Dutch

Meditations talking to you, custom made to your specific needs.

Based on the information you will provide via a form with questions or (skype) consult with me.

Meditations are available on audio & video (mp3 | mp4) and or on a designed cd. 





  • Working days - group or private

  • Special (outdoor) events, - group or private

  • Night sessions - group or private

  • Special weekend sessions - group or private





  • Breathing & Sound, Chakra healing and clearing

  • Body Movements to energize the body (based on techniques from Yoga, Maya, Tai Chi)

  • Sunday mornings setting intentions for the week ahead, how to create the affirmations that will serve you and the people around you!

  • Affirmations & Setting intentions to achieve individual & collective goals (personal & work related)

  • Practicing gratitude (personal & work related)






  • Short explanation on vibration & frequencies

  • Goals and Beliefs must be coherent 

  • Finding the Limiting beliefs and habits and rewrite them with manifesting beliefs and habits

  • How Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions affect our life (The law of attraction - The art of intention)

  • Some background on the latest science; EPI Genetics – Quantum Physics – Quantum Healing – Sacred Sound Healing



Activation | Actualisation!

Smart Body Talk 

who is I that speaks and why and to whom or what ?!

In the first session I will explain how our thoughts, beliefs and habits create reality, with background information on the latest science, which proves the following statement in strong ways !


WE ARE THE PLACEBO” | E.G.O. Epi Genetic Overlay ...


This statement is so powerful because we have the power to create our own reality by consciously choosing our thoughts

and beliefs about ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in. We are doing it on a daily basis already but

mostly on a sub-conscious level, connected to our deepest beliefs and habits.


Meditation is attention focussed on an outcome and meant to fatigue one practicing it, We focus on Being Present and  is focused Intent and it stops thought. When we stop thought we stop resisting so everything can flow through us and into our experience.

In these activations actualisations I use my hands, my voice (sound), music, emotions, belief and thoughts, which are regarded as Vibrational Medicine Tools.

Vibrations of sound interact with the molecular structures in organisms like us. All atoms & celestial bodies produce a particular sound/vibration/frequency


Fear (anger, frustration, low self esteem, etc.) disempowers us and shuts off our immune system, When we believe that we are a not capable, limited or a victim even, we give up the control of our self & situations and the ability to change it.


In my sessions I use certain use of language, words to empower people and so they will be able to build a solid self-esteem.


Words are frequencies in the air!  


Statements of intent are energies we cannot see and measure (yet) but they are

absolutely very, very powerful. We must be aware of what we say in a matter of "timing", is it time based what we say, is it outcome based ?? whatever we say shows us where we resonate in a conscious way, an aware way, are we aware of what it is creating that which we state or defend or claim hope for etc...


Every word says something, like HOPE..lets see, this word means things are not good, ok well perfect etc right now and so change must occur then one can feel at ease again, ... see it ?? Praying for ..the same story again, what are we asking for, and who is asking it ?? the person, ..? 


Confirming and affirming of what is ...Affirmations are simply any positive or negative statements that we make, as we go through life. We are affirming to ourselves on a daily basis but mostly unconsciously and in a negative way.

Repeated positive statements help you focus your mind on your aim. They also create corresponding mental images in the conscious mind, which affect the subconscious mind accordingly. In this way, you program your subconscious in accordance with your will.

Positive language and the correct seeing are helping you being in conscious control of your thoughts. They are short, powerful statements to empower us in creating the life we dream of.


The physically active part in the meditations consists of body movements, breathing and making sounds with our voice.

I use powerful energizing body movements to activate the electricity circulation in our body.


With the use of our voice we send vibrations into our body and our cells. The body starts to relax immediately and reacts to the intention and the vibration. The sounds are made during breathing exercises.


Breathing and making sounds is one of the most powerful tools we can use to prevent & heal any form of illness stress, ailments etc..








Science shows us that we, humanity, are connected by an invisible field. When we focus our attention collectively with one Intention we can generate a powerful transmitting energy.


The body is always listening and reacting to what we think & say and belief & feel. Affirmations are the quickest way to replace old beliefs and habits and manifest permanent change. Thought is not travelling like sound or light. Thoughts are instantly “arriving” they are connected to consciousness and consciousness is something that is everywhere at any time, it doesn’t go away, it exists always and everywhere.

Consciousness of Intent; EXPECT (CHANGE) & IT WILL MANIFEST !


Epi Genetics speaks about Consciousness over Physics. This means that it is consciousness that talks to the biology

and chemistry of our body. Our environment determines our genetic expression.

Our llives are influenced by language, feelings, thoughts, behavior, beliefs, habits, culture, religion, superstition, etc.

As we are vibratory beings we are vibrating every second of the day. We are sending out a frequency. This frequency has an effect on our self and the people around us.

When we experience sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy or any other form of fear we are vibrating low and that causes our immune system to shut off, we get sick.




Based on science like;

Scalar and Plasma Energy Technologies - Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. is a quantum mechanics researcher Jere specializes in advanced scalar and plasma energy technologies, quantum morphogenetic field physics and the larger paradigm of science known as the 15-Dimensional Unified Field Physics.

Sliders Series 1 Disc 1: August 2008, Ashayana Deane, Ascension Teachings






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Activations Transmissions Actualizations 

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