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waking up from the dream within the dream

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We must learn a new way of thinking

before we can master a new way of BE-ing

All treatments are focused on helping people to re-balance their mind, body and transform their life by using the correct language that heals and attracts the life we are dreaming of, by understanding that our thoughts (beliefs & habits, conditioning) create our reality. 

Conscious Clearing | Energy Psychology  | Universal NLP - smart body talk

Reprogramming of Beliefs & Habits.  Affirmations.  C.A.L technique (Cells Are Listening). Learn how emotions and beliefs affect our body and cellular structure. Learn how to react differently to any situation that might get you to  be angry frustrated disappointed  fearful stressed out irritated  etc... We can choose a new way of being by changing  1 thing, and that is to CHOOSE how to react to anything that occurs in our life. When we choose to do this on a daily basis for a short period of time we are changing our body and our life for ever.

How to attract the life you envision concerning health relationships career family love-life etc..by using the language of light. Create a NuStory of who you are now, today !

Energetic Healing / Surgery | Channeling

Shamanic Energy Healing sessions for (acute) pain aches etc. - connectionSource Energy transmission through Light Sound Color technology Alchemy -  Light Language Toning Chanting - Reiki / Chi magnetism (hands eyes heart words thoughts and emotions)

Any disease or illness can be healed by conscious intent from a firm belief and repetition to create neural connections and pathways in the brain.  I am activating a collective field for healing / balancing to take place, through sound light conscious intent, Self-Inquiry & configuring energy, directing it. People get access to parts of themselves that they never got access to before. Learn how to heal your self by thoughts hands eyes voice and imagination and then teach others

Breathing Techniques

learn how several breathing techniques can change your mood and emotional state of mind in a matter of minutes

Sound Light Color Technology Alchemy

learn how making sounds or listening to special kinds of music is relaxing balancing energizing and healing your body. You have the tools within to create with your voice a vibration inside your body that will make your cells and muscles  resonate and come into a natural  balance. There a certain frequencies that are causing disharmony within the body, so to restore the harmony in the body we just have to make it vibrate in the correct frequency. 

Body Movements and Exercises 

to activate the body , the electricity of your system - all techniques used after this energizing of the body will work even better (based on techniques from Yoga, Maya Wisdom, Tai Chi)

Answering Questions through Muscle Testing - Kinesiology  - Tarot

Using a pendulum, tarot cards or your arm to give answers to questions. The body holds all the answers. It is the innate intelligence that is answering our deepest questions about what is good for us and what is not.

Tarot Cards are a great tool to illustrate what your soull is telling you. As you pick the cards, you will gett the answer that you need in that moment. It is always accurate, the question is can you see the gift in the answer that the card holds for you?

Energy Centers & Etheric body Clearing & Activation 

Through energy transmission and Kinesiology 

Using crystals, orgone energy and other stones


Part of energy psychology is to script our life in the now, manifesting anything is the fastest when we see or can imagine the life that attracts us the most by feeling how it feels in the moment to experience  ...whatever you want to experience

Personalized Activations Meditations & Affirmations | Mantra's 

Universal NLP & Light Language in English & Dutch..

Coding  clears / removes / neutralizes & disassembles any implants / programs and activating 4D, and up consciousness, they are coming through me from various sources / aspects like Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Native Indians, Hathors, Yeshua, Arturian, Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian, Andromeda, Dragons, Whales, Dolpins, My Guides, Ra, Thoth, Sananda The Oracle, People like YouMe, WI, etc…

One gets activated within through codes that are being transmitted, the Hathor’s female mother aspects are channeled through me, I bring out sound frequencies to harmonize & activate, and come in with a deep resonance to transmute & re-orientate the energy into pristine clarity & purity for ALL … animals humans earth. 

Activations & Meditations with affirmations general and custom made to your specific needs.

Based on information you will provide via a form with questions or (skype) consult with me.

available on audio & video (mp3 | mp4) and or on a designed cd. 

for prices see personal meditations

Life Guiding Empowering Mentoring Motivating

TM LOGO FINAL outlines white purple july

Where How ?

at Nilaaya or online via SKYPE - FB Messenger - WhatsApp ...

introduction | assessment through skype or phone or here at Nilaaya - 20 minutes is free of charge



on location in Israel (center district)

introduction | assessment through skype or phone or here at Nilaaya - 20 minutes is free of charge

*For locations south/north there will be additional travelling expense

on location World Wide 

special fees and arrangements apply. contact me directly on info@nilaaya.com



"we" value the wellbeing of anyone more than anything, thats why we dont put fixed prices on our website. You pay according to your abilities and we always help out in some way, even if you believe you can't pay right now, some day you will be able and you will pay with a smile because the abundance is flowing again in your life.            

Do you feel like having a chat before booking a session with me? I am happy to talk with you on Skype, WhatsApp or here at Nilaaya. Introduction | assessment through skype or phone or here at Nilaaya - 20 minutes is free of charge

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