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waking up in the dream within the are the speller..storyteller 


unhappy ?? life happens not the way how it should happen according to  you

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Energy Healing Work | Energetic Surgery 

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Treatments | Sessions are focused on you taking back your power as Source Consciousness, you are source in a meat suit, a gaia suit..

We don't need any medicine or products outside of ourselves any longer, we only need to connect back with earth and our self, truly loving our self is key, we need to innerstand what that means if we want to move into the higher realms / dimensions,..the ascension like most people speak about is about us understanding who we are, it is not outside of us, it never was, that's why placebos work and that's why healing really happens when I work with people.  I am here to teach you how to be IN-dependant, that was always my intention and so all written down here is no l longer valid in the context it is written, many things we do not need any longer, we don't need healers reiki courses practitioners to heal us or acupuncture or channeling or products to solve this and that .. no more need.. we can solve all by ascending ..which is trancending our current life-styles and align with earth, no matter what it is we do eat build finance envision create sell etc it must be aligned with what earth wants..right now she says, cut the crap and give people what they need, not what u need, don't hold on to clients or a way of living because u need income..

I will leave for now what was written before

I am available for only serious people that want to work on them selves and so yes I can do healings but only once and then u must do it for your self, of course I will tell you how and what that is really simple so be relaxed and ready for your IN-dependancy

this edit is done 20 April 2022 

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Assisting & teaching people to heal their body and transform their life by using the correct language that heals and attract the life we are dreaming of, by understanding, innerstanding rather, that our thoughts (beliefs ideas memories / trauma & habits) create our reality.


Sessions consist of deep listening and talking, healing through sound, energetic clearing & cleaning & balancing of the energy centers (chakra’s) of the body. I use my intent, hands, voice, thoughts, emotions and sacred sounds / frequencies.

Besides the treatments I offer manifesting tools like personalized activations which are meditative guided videos and audios to empower people in a new way of thinking and believing. Only by conscious INtent and repetition daily, are we able to change & improve our quality of life. Today we understand that when a doctor is making a diagnosis he is actually labeling / conditioning the patient. This is preventing / limiting the patient to heal unconditionally.

Fact today in science is that all disease represents a "struggle of consciousness." This means that our consciousness is talking to the biology and chemistry of our body.

It is Human Consciousness that determines whether a person is sick or healthy. Anything you wish to heal can be done, if and when one believes so. As goes the consciousness of the Human Being, so goes the health / abundance of the Human Being.


By deep listening and looking at people's beliefs and habits, the way they speak think talk move breath and behave, I know what to focus on. It is our story that we tell ourselves and to others that needs to be looked at.

We are what we say feel do think belief and in order to change anything we need to change our story by knowing what is limiting us. We have to start reacting different to situations, Frustration is the key symptom for beliefs to root.

If you are totally happy on every aspect /category in your life, well then you dont need me, otherwise you better come see me and discover your true potentials, whatever is not flowing is because of you and how you see your Self, others and the world around you.

my mission is connecting (with) people 

To connect people to their true SELF, the people around them and to source energy, to teach people how we can heal our own body and transform our life by talking to our self and our cells, by choosing the correct thoughts & language, feelings & emotions, learning how to breath, learning how our voice can be used to adjust the frequency of our body to the right vibration so we can heal and prevent disease illnesses stress, etc.... 

change the way you think, speak, see, listen, touch and react  | change your story | speak the correct language | heal your Self and others | attract the life you imagine 

Imagine . . . .


About me

I Am That, I Am

I am Human

I am You man

I Am You and You are me.

science says

Consciousness of Intent


"Expect Change

and it will Manifest"

Life Design

What to expect  ?

You will gain the wisdom and tools to ignite breakthroughs for living a purposeful and meaningful life.


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