Our Inspiration 

New World Wisdom Teachers

People like you and me that are changing the wolrd, sharing the wisdom of who we really are.

Things you should know,


Here you can find all sorts of interesting and cool video'on new world wisdom where science and spirituality come together in mind blowing ways... Learn from the best about what we can do physically, who we are spiritually, where the world is going, universal laws, new discoveries ancient wisdom, heart math holisitic living & healing, expanding consciouness, meditations, affirmations, and much more ....   ;-) 

Nilaaya is approaching people who look inside, understand the power of togetherness, that truly make an effort to live more from the heart, to expand the knowledge, to peel of the layers and to touch more and more the source of the soul’s joy . 

In Nilaaya you can (re)-design your life and relationships in many ways,  though the main focus is on the “home” inside of us, 

when we are home from within we can design our life exactly as we dream of it.  My vision since 10 years has been to create a spiritual retreat where you can get "things" back on track or just come to relax and relief some stress from a busy working week, to come for a morning or evening meditation,  dance and breathing workshops,  interesting lectures,  exclusive events

and much more . . . . 

Her values are clear.  She is maintaining the pure intention and universal language.

She is doing her best to see what IS and to accept and in the same time appreciate it. 



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Nilaaya | Inspiration - what we can do physically, who we are spiritually, universal laws, new discoveries ancient wisdom, heart math, holisitic living-healing